Esparto Capay Valley Region: Relocating & Local Information

The Esparto Capay Valley Region Is One Of The Most Magical Places On Earth. There Is Such Beauty, That When You Leave For A Short While And Return, You Are Awestruck. The Seasons Are Magnificent And The Community In, Which We Live, Is Vibrant With Diversity. To Call This Place Home Is An Honor And Privilege. From The Mountains To The Valleys, To The Creeks And Wildlife, This Is Truly A Great Place To Call Home. When You Make It Your Home Sweet Home, You Will See Stars Every Night.


Esparto is one the last small communities located in Northern California. The population density of 2,252 residents per square mile. The average household in Esparto contains 3.3 people. The average age of Esparto residents is 32. Approximately 76% of the Esparto population resides in single-family homes, while the remaining 17% of the population resides in one-person households. In addition, 57% of households in Esparto have children compared to the California State total, which is 55%. These numbers reflect that, Esparto is indeed a small community, with hometown charm.

Income and Housing

Median household income $41,389

Per-Capita Income $13,407

State Average $47,493

State Average $22,711

Median family income $41,037

Source: 2000 Census

State Average $53,025


Capay Valley

The Capay Valley Region is a serene beautiful valley nestled between mountains and hills. It is a California gem. Undisputedly the second largest organic valley in the entire state and in the beginning stages of wine growing. Capay Valley has many opportunities to offer residents and visitors alike. Almonds and walnuts are the nutty favorites and peppers, melons, tomatoes and greens, are the most popular vegetable crop. The wildlife abounds from Great Egrets and Bald Eagles, to foxes and coyotes. Native plants bloom in the spring and bring a rainbow of colors, throughout the valley. Making this place your home will begin a lifetime of sweet living.

Income And Housing Is Unavailable


Madison is one the last small communities located in Northern California. The population is 927 based on post boxes. The cost of living is 126% compared to the California State total, which is 163%. The local Madison post office is a great place to hear about local news and information and do the bulk of your mailing/shipping. Making Madison your hometown, will bring you joy. These numbers reflect that, Madison is indeed a small community, with hometown charm.

Income And Other Information
Median household income $37,442
Days per year with some sun: 265
Days per year with some precipitation: 58

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