Advertising Rates

Esparto Regional Monthly Newsletter is Written By The Esparto Regional Chamber and published in the Valley Voice and online.

Monthly rates for advertising: this includes one week business card on the eWeekly newsletter and one listing in the Valley Voice.

Website Ad Rates Per Quarter

Business Banner

$150* Members

$300* Non-members

Valley Voice & Weekly Newsletter

Business Card

$30 Members

$45 Non-members

1/4 Page

$50 Members

$65 Non-members

1/2 Page

$125 Members

$150 Non-members

Full Page

$250 Members

$300 Non-members

Al a Carte eWeekly Newsletter Four Listings Per Month

Business Banner

$40 Members

$80 Non-members

Map Pricing

Business Card

$100 Members

$150 Non-members

Double Business Card

$200 Members

$300 Non-members


$600 Members

$700 Non-members

* Regular price $300 Member and $600 Non-members

Website Banner Requirements

Website banners should be 173 pixels wide by 60 pixels high and provided in GIF format.

Banner creation services are available for a fee $75-$100. Please contact the Chamber office for more details