Business Plan

Mission Statement

The Esparto Regional of Commerce is dedicated to advancing the economic & social vitality of the Esparto Region.

Business Plan 2007/08

1. Creating a strong local economy

a. Economic Development

  • We will work on a business incentive plan for Yolo County
  • We will work on creating a development zone for Esparto.
  • We will provide members and the community with potential business resources
  • We will encourage small industry development

2. Promoting the Community

a. Festivals/Markets

  • We will promote the Almond Festival to other communities and create programs that focus on children and families.
  • We will continue to help the Capay Valley Regional Farmers Market become sustainable.
  • We will post our events on free local websites and newspapers.

b. Maps

  • We will update the local community map and make sure that all chambers and Convention/Visitors bureaus have maps in their kiosks.

3. Networking/Business Contacts/Member Benefits

a. Networking opportunities

  • Mixers that are fun and get people talking
  • Website that is a tool for our members to stay informed and inform others about their business
  • Develop member to member discount program

b. Business Contacts

  • We will create a weekly web marketing opportunity for members and their products/services
  • We will use the local newspapers to keep others informed about our business members

c. Group medical insurance plan

  • We will secure a contract for discounted medical insurance plan

d. Recruiting

  • We will recruit non-members to build chamber sustainability and business vitality

4. Representing Business to Government

  • Will represent businesses to local government
  • We will help to draft important policies that encourage commerce
  • We will advocate for individual members where necessary

5. Political Action

  • We will take positions on local measures
  • We will sponsor candidate forums for the public
  • We will work with elected officials to craft legislation.