About the Chamber



The Esparto Regional Chamber of Commerce is dedicated to advancing the economic and social vitality of the Esparto region.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Who are the members?
The Esparto Regional Chamber of Commerce is a rural chamber of commerce for what we consider to be the Gateway to Capay Valley, a thriving organic and traditional farming community supporting the Greater Sacramento Valley's Farm to Fork initiative!

How does the Chamber work for its members?
We work hard to advance and support a vital community. To accomplish this, our priorities include: creating a strong local economy; promoting the community, its businesses and events; facilitating networking opportunities and business contacts; representing business to our government by engaging in appropriate political action.

What is the Chamber doing to promote the economic vitality of the region?
The Chamber works with Yolo county officials and local organizations to increase incentives for small and large businesses. We collaborate with local businesses, organizations, and developers to bring commerce to our community.

What if my business doesn’t need promotion, how do you help?
The Chamber has secured group health insurance discounts.  We have a lending library of catalogs and information to make your business more profitable.  We have a list of business resources on our website, and we can help you find necessary resources for your ongoing success.

Where do I start and how do I get involved?
Joining the Chamber is easy, just contact us and the staff can email or mail you an application. We need volunteers, and have several programs that need staffing. Please contact us for more details on how you can help!